Sample Curricula V2.1


Here is the NEAOSS Sample Curricula Version 2.1 Document. Any comments are very welcome.

The Sample Curricula Version 2.1 is a revised version of Sample Curricula Version 2.0 with comments from China-Japan-Korea specialists directly and on NEAOSS Wiki pages.



What is Sample Curriculum.

Sample Curriculum is to aim to help course designers and education material producers who are interested in developing OSS education program. It defined skill-sets in three level and knowledge.


About Northeast OSS promotion forum

The NEAOSS Forum (Northeast Asia Open Source Software promotion Forum) was formed by the Chinese, Korean and Japanese governments and regional organizations for OSS promotion; the China OSS Promotion Union, Korea OSS Promotion Forum and Japan OSS Promotion Forum. The Forum intends to promote Open Source Software within northeast Asia.
The NEAOSS Forum formed “WG2: Human Resource Development” in order to promote and develop Human Resources for Open Source Software application and development in July 2004.

For OSS to achieve wide recognition for its usefulness and to spread throughout society, it is essential to cultivate IT engineers capable of building, operating, and maintaining OSS-based IT systems with sufficient knowledge of OSS. For that purpose, we are urged to establish sample curricula to be used as a reference in OSS technical training and to promote it among universities, vocational schools, IT training providers, and other organizations. Under these circumstances, this project resulted in the drafting of the NEA HRD Sample Curricula Version 2.0 after releasing version 1.0 on August 31, 2009 through the Website: .
We also release V2.1 in this site.

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