NEAOSS Model Curriculum Version 2.0

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The NEAOSS Forum (Northeast Asia Open Source Software promotion Forum) was formed by the Chinese, Korean and Japanese governments and regional organizations for OSS promotion; the China OSS Promotion Union, Korea OSS Promotion Forum and Japan OSS Promotion Forum. The Forum intends to promote Open Source Software within northeast Asia.
The NEAOSS Forum formed “WG2: Human Resource Development” in order to promote and develop Human Resources for Open Source Software application and development in July 2004.
In accordance with the CJK DG Memorandum for the 4th (Tianjin), 5th (Fukuoka) and 6th (Seoul) NEA OSS Promotion Forums, the WGs have been discussing topics such as the mutual testing and certification of OSS experts, and the development of curriculum and textbooks for OSS developers and users.
The NEAOSS Forum WG2 formed a subsidiary group, Task Force 1, in April 2006 at the NEA OSS Promotion Forum in Tianjin. It addresses the research of the current status of Human Resource Development for Open Source Software in the northeast Asian region on both the demand and provider side and development of the NEA HRD Sample Curricula for colleges, lecturers, enterprises, and institutes to develop human resources with OSS skills.
WG2 delivered the “NEA HRD Analysis Report" (draft 1.0) in December 2007 and published the report ver.1.0 in September 2008. WG2 develops the NEA HRD Sample Curricula for OSS which is based on this research result.
As far as open source software (hereinafter called “OSS”) is concerned, there has been steady improvement to date in operating systems, middleware, networks, and development tools to build IT systems, thus reinforcing the status of OSS as a consistent software technology infrastructure to sustain our information economy. However, while there are growing needs for OSS as an important infrastructure, there is a severe shortage of engineers competent enough to use OSS, which is one of the greatest factors impeding the proliferation of the software. The survey on NEA OSS human resource development titled the “NEA HRD Analysis Report” pointed out a wide gap among businesses and IT service providers between expectations for OSS engineers and the real situation.
For OSS to achieve wide recognition for its usefulness and to spread throughout society, it is essential to cultivate IT engineers capable of building, operating, and maintaining OSS-based IT systems with sufficient knowledge of OSS. For that purpose, we are urged to establish sample curricula to be used as a reference in OSS technical training and to promote it among universities, vocational schools, IT training providers, and other organizations. Under these circumstances, this project resulted in the drafting of the NEA HRD Sample Curricula Version 2.0 after releasing version 1.0 on August 31, 2009 through the Website: .
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