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NEAOSS Forum (Northeast Asia Open Source Software promotion Forum) was formed by China, Korea and Japan governments and regional organizations for OSS promotion; China OSS Promotion Union, Korea OSS Promotion Forum and Japan OSS Promotion Forum. The Forum intends to promote Open Source Software in the northeast Asia area. NEAOSS Forum formed “WG2:HRD" in order to study Human Resource Development for OpenSource Software developers and users in July, 2004.

Sample Curricula V2.1


Here is the NEAOSS Sample Curricula Version 2.1 Document. Any comments are very welcome.

The Sample Curricula Version 2.1 is a revised version of Sample Curricula Version 2.0 with comments from China-Japan-Korea specialists directly and on http://wiki.neaoss.org NEAOSS Wiki pages.


NEAOSS Model Curriculum Version 2.0

This is the NEAOSS Model Curriculum Version 2.0 Document.
Any comments are very welcome.

CJK common OSS curriculum (draft 1.0)

This is a preview version of CJK common OSS curriculum (draft 1.0). The purpose of publishment is to call for review the document. This document may be replaced without any prior notification.

NEA HRD Analysis Report (Version 1.0)

The NEAOSS Forum WG2 formed a subsidiary group, Task Force 1, in Apr. 2006 at the NEA OSS Promotion Forum in Tianjin. It addresses research of the current status of Human Resource Development for Open Source Software in the northeast Asian region on both the demand and provider side and development of the NEA HRD Model Curriculum for colleges, lecturers, enterprises and institutes to develop human resources with OSS skills.

WG2 delivered the “NEA HRD Analysis Report" Ver.1.0 by September 2008.

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